Pam Gaslow is an award winning mixed media artist who creates both wearable and hangable "art." She's also designed her own children's clothing lines, done stand-up comedy, and authored a book of witty societal observations titled "Girls Are Weird," published in August, 2000.

Pam's artwork is a series of digital designs printed on canvas that play towards the adult and child in all of us. With her background in children's clothing design, the use of bold colors is like eye candy, and intertwining the whimsical ice cream cones with the sophisticated handbags makes them simply irresistible. The sense of humor derived out of each piece is like a subtle wink, which just seems like the cherry on top, no pun intended.

Pam's art has been shown in galleries throughout the country. She participates in various charitable events, and has been involved with organizations such as Dress For Success, the Children's Expressions Project, and the Advanced Research Foundation. Her art has been featured in fashion trade shows, and in Women's Wear Daily. Her work is also on display at several high-end boutiques in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, and San Francisco. Pam creates custom works for individuals and private businesses. She thrives on providing her clients with the unique and special experience of owning one-of-a-kind pieces that fit perfectly with their décor and tastes. Working directly with clients as well as interior decorators, Pam creates art based on elements such as theme, color scheme, and whimsical ideas. No matter the location, Pam's art always creates a buzz.

Pam's jewelry line is also a combination of whimsy and sophistication. All her pieces are unique, original, and one of a kind. Just like her art she uses her talents to create colorful, fun and eye-catching pieces.

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